Call Me Maybe: An Intervention

As fake as this video clearly is, it’s without question one of the better interventions I’ve seen. It could never be the most captivating, however, because the actual “Intervention” episode with the bat shit crazy girl huffing Dustoff in the cemetery easily takes the cake.

Given the epic popularity of “Call Me Maybe”, I’m sure there are actually a few Carly Rae super fans out there who may be in need of an intervention. This guy was clearly due. I mean, the jean ripping and wasted karaoke sesh? Amazing. His loved ones randomly dropping song lyrics (“I miss him so, so bad.”) was also hella well done.

The ironic thing about this video, though, is that they never actually came together for an intervention. In a sequel… maybe?

This List of 48 Made Me Feel 48

I may still be a spry twenty-something, but there are certainly times when I feel hella old — my youngest sister graduating high school this spring, occasionally (okay, often) limiting my drinking to dodge a hangover and waking up feeling quasi crippled the morning after tennis classes are just several examples of this.

Reading Buzz Feed’s recent list of “48 Things That Will Make You Feel Older” also exemplified my feeling like one of my grandma’s legally blind bridge partners. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed having the chance to reflect on what were some of the best (and most awkward) years of my life.

Oh the era of Ecto Cooler, “Clarissa Explains It All”, a (likely) chaste Lindsay Lohan and Pluto still being a legitimate planet.

After reading through the list, I’ve got some serious follow-up questions, though. Perhaps you’ll be asking yourself the same.

  • Did anyone else think the “Curly Sue” girl would turn out to be a heifer? Talk about overcoming the odds, and especially for a ginge. I’d say the same for Miley. Wow.
  • Would anyone dare disagree that Kathie Lee has only gotten more vapid and irrelevant since her days with Regis? Also, are she and Hoda ever sober during their 10th hour of “Today”?
  • How good was Ecto Cooler?
  • Has creepster Steve from “Blue’s Clues” been arrested on any kind of child pornography charges?
  • Anyone else lose a research paper on one of those floppy discs? Thank you Jesus for the invention of jump drives.
  • Does Eminem’s kid not look like a young Britney Spears? While it’s still entirely possible with him as her father, here’s to hoping she doesn’t turn out to be bat shit crazy like Brit.
  • Anyone else think Jonathan Lipnicki should give up on his fatal attempt at an acting career? It was all downhill after “Jerry Maguire”, my friend.
  • Why has Nickelodeon failed to launch a ’90s Nick channel? I’d pay good money for that.
  • Ryan Gosling was on “Are You Afraid of the Dark”?
  • If only the Harry Potter trio knew how rich and famous they’d become, right?
  • How effin’ frightening is the “Problem Child” kid’s in his current pic?
  • And he’s right, Meryl hasn’t aged an iota has she?

I hope you enjoy this blast from the past as much as I did.

The Four Defining Characteristics of My Friendships

My friend TL posted this someecard on my Facebook Wall this past week. Since we’re both veggies, she noted that in our case vegetables could easily replace alcohol here. While nevertheless true, I’ve come to find that all four characteristics (and especially the final three) tend to define my friendships.

I’ve also found that somecards are a great way to share in your friendship with someone, especially if it’s an attempt to brighten his or her day. They’re way more creative and thoughtful than an email or lame Facebook message (and a smidge faster than sending a carrier pigeon).

If you haven’t checked them out before now, get on it. There’s one for essentially any imaginable situation.

And the inappropriate ones are obviously the best…

This Serial Zuck Apologist Still Has No Beef

Like the many Mark Zuckerberg haters out there these days, I found this week’s news story about Zuck and his wife, Priscilla Chan, chowing down on McDonald’s during their honeymoon in Rome to be pretty entertaining. I mean, considering he’s a billionaire and all, you’d think he could shell out a few extra bucks and at least go local. But when in Rome, right?

Don’t let my criticism fool you, though, as I myself am kind of a cheap ass when it comes to eating out anymore. I was actually recently telling a few friends about how I feel like I’ve become some kind of serial Zuck apologist. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s an alleged asshole (I’ve always gotten along with them for whatever reason, although I still assert he was unfairly portrayed in “The Social Network”) or perhaps just our mutual affinity for hoodies (I’m looking to build my American Apparel collection come this winter), but there’s something about the guy that won’t allow me to hate or even remotely abhor him. The botching of Facebook’s IPO and the company’s stock price subsequently dropping more than $10 also make me feel for the guy.

Zuckerberg himself actually appears to be a rather unostentatious, vanilla guy (hence the Mickey D’s, I guess). Nevertheless, I still find him positively fascinating. When Zuck was named “Time’s” Person of the Year in 2010, I couldn’t read the article fast enough. I saw the “The Social Network” when it first opened and now proudly own a copy. I admittedly seek out news stories about him… on a near everyday basis.

At this point, I’m just waiting for a legit Zuck biography to come out. (Let’s be clear that Ben Mezrich’s one-sided account of Facebook’s founding “The Accidental Billionaires” – on which the movie was based – cannot be classified as legitimate in my book… no pun intended.) No doubt I’ll be among the first nerds in line to get my hands on it when it does.

White Girls Do Love Them Some Facebook

There are a number of truths in this world, an undeniable one being that White girls love Facebook. And not only do they love them some Facebook, but they love doing certain things while accessing it. The latter is a realization I subconsciously came to long ago.

This banter probably seems pretty random, but it actually stems from a fellow WordPress blogger’s post I read earlier this week about “15 Things White Girls Love to Do on Facebook”, which has since blown up online. (Click the photo above to read the post and see how truly guilty the White girls in your life are.)

Given that a large percentage of my friends (and family members) are White girls and I’ve grown quite accustomed to their social networking ways, I believe I’m fully justified in concurring with the blogger. After reading her post, I’m frankly unsure how you can argue with the points she makes.

If you haven’t seen her post yet, you’ve gotta check this shit out. Each of her 15 points could not be more accurate.

So many White girls knowingly do these things and are obviously repeat offenders. But I can easily say that while White girls may hate being called out like they so glaringly are in this post, they’d loathe the idea of not posting meaningless statuses and pointless pics even more.

And while I know many of my White girl friends are guilty of most of these 15 offenses (several girls I’ve talked to have laughingly agreed), I will concede that more than a few of these points are applicable to Facebook users irregardless of gender, race, etc. Furthermore, despite my occasional White tendencies, I will also assert that it’s a rare occasion when I can be found guilty of these offenses.

My favorites are #1, #6, #8 and #15, although #3 and #5 are ALL too common among the white female race. And I honestly believe that #12 applies more to Twitter than Facebook. Let me know via a comment or the next time we talk what your favs are!

I’ve also decided that one of my holiday break projects is going to be finding examples of each of her 15 points, which I’ll then proceed to blog to prove how very spot on she is here… and for your personal enjoyment, of course.

See you on Facebook.