Giving New Meaning to “Tebowing”

Is it time you get to know Tim Tebow in the biblical sense? Let this chart be your guide.

Yes, I realize this is a bit crass considering it’s about doin’ the dirty with professional sports’ purest and most polarizing of dudes, but it’s a Sunday (i.e. the Lord’s/Tebow’s day) and I couldn’t forgo the opportunity to spread the good word here.

I don’t mean to make light of Tebow because I frankly have a great deal of respect for the guy. He’s a proven winner on the field (don’t ask me how and if it’s in any way sustainable) and unabashadly open about his devoutly Christian ways off of it.

Tebow is the kind of son (I showed some restraint in not capitalizing that ‘s’) any parent would be proud to have raised and the type of athlete any coach would love to coach… at least at the college level anyway. A former home schooler, active mission tripper and immensely humble winner of the 2007 Heisman, Tebow is the very essence of a “good guy” who you almost can’t help but like.

Nonetheless, you’ve gotta love this chart… and maybe even wonder to what extent Timmy will use “eye black” in the sack, which will have to wait until marriage, of course. When that fateful day does indeed occur, however, it will officially give new meaning to “Tebowing“.

And for the record, I should not eff Tim Tebow.